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Connecting buyers with suppliers

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TransCityRail is an annual conference and networking dinner in the rail industry dedicated to connecting buyers with suppliers.  

The events have connected over 4,800 remarkable men and women responsible for designing, building and operating the rail industry. 

TransCityRail is a conference during the day followed by a prestigious networking dinner in the evening creating a unique opportunity for buyers and suppliers to networkcollaborate and trade, whilst gaining an invaluable insight from industry leading speakers about future investment and development across the industry.  

During the conference you get the opportunity to listen to a variety of high-profile speakers highlighting opportunities for the supply chain, and showcase your products and services in the exhibition whilst networking with key decision-makers. 

Continue your networking into the evening at the networking dinner with keynote speakers such as Maria Machancoses the director of Midlands Connect and Anna-Jane Hunter, Network Rail’s Director for North of England Rail, followed by a lively and engaging panel discussion whilst entertaining new and existing customers.

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