green credentials

The environment is as important to us as it is to our readers and customers, and we choose to work with suppliers who are as concious of their carbon footprint as we are.

With the demand for our publications increasing year on year we are concious of the impact this could have on the environment if not managed effectively. Our printers are accredited to ISO 14001 Environmental Management. We are commited to zero waste to landfill and ensure we only use paper from a sustainable source, where for every one tree used three more are planted; all inks used are vegetable based and oxy/bio; and lightweight polywrap is used for mailing and distribution.

Our mailing data is updated on a daily basis to ensure accuracy for mailing, ensuring the address details of our subscribers is as up-to-date as it can be at the time of mailing to minimise waste. For those readers who don’t wish to receive a printed version we have a paperless alternative: an interactive digital edition.

As demand for our publications increases, so does the demand for our online content, which requires energy 24/7. Our data centre ‘Global Switch’, where our websites are hosted, is committed to reducing its environmental impact through using energy efficiently, reducing its carbon emissions and providing green energy solutions for its hosting solutions.