2018 Winners

UK Train Operators - Brand Reputation & Customer Advocacy

Chiltern Railways

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Apprenticeship Development Scheme

National Training Academy for Rail – Centre for excellence

NTAR, with its state-of-the-art facility based in Northampton, acts both as a UK flagship and an international centre of excellence for skills development and collaborative working in traction and rolling stock – addressing a skills gap that would otherwise become a barrier to both maintaining and growing the workforce.

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Cost Base Reduction

Turbo Power Systems – Innovative power supply

The replacement of motor alternator equipment with an innovative power supply will provide potential savings of over £1m to the operator, 15% in efficiency improvement and over 4kW energy saved per journey.

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Design Innovation

Virgin Trains East Coast – Groundbreaking testing

VTEC’s project aim is to replace the traditional ultrasonic axle testing with a groundbreaking new in-service method using Eddy current testing and surface wave methods.

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Digital Pioneer


ABB implemented Network Rail’s Rationalised Autotransformer System (RATS) advanced protection and control scheme to significantly reduce circuit breakers on the Great Western Railway, cutting costs and ensuring fast fault clearance.

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Lifetime Achievement

Mr Graham Wire

This award is in recognition of one man’s tireless ambition, hard-work and interminable dedication. This award goes to a who man who joined British Rail in September 1977 in the signalling design offices in Croydon. After six years he was promoted to Engineering Assistant on the Leamington Solid State Interlocking project which delivered the first conventional computer-controlled interlocking in the UK with colour aspect signals. Here with us today he is responsible for managing the signalling and train control system on one of the most important railway corridors in the UK. 

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Marketing & Communications

Young Rail Professionals – National entity

YRP has grown as a national entity as a direct result of consistent marketing, brand promotion and communication of projects, such as Rail Week, all undertaken to inspire railway talent.

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Mobile Technology

FindMyLost – Social lost & found

FindMyLost is the first social lost & found for business and consumer, the only platform that allows you to get your lost item back wherever you are, at any time.

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Operator of the Year

Chiltern Railways – Creating journeys that improve and inspire customers’ lives

Chiltern Railways runs regular services from London Marylebone and Birmingham Moor Street to stations in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and the West Midlands.

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Outstanding Projects – Medium (£3m-£20m)

Spencer Group – Penzance depot and Finsbury Park

Spencer Group is responsible for the £19m Penzance depot enhancement works project and the £20m Finsbury Park phase 2b project.

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Outstanding Projects – Small (Under £3m)

Rhodar Ltd – Asbestos removal

Rhodar undertook a complex project that required innovation at every stage, from collaborative planning, design and development, through to procurement and removal of all asbestos in a HST maintenance shed.

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Passenger safety

Hammond ECS Ltd – Mountbridge

Hammond’s Mountbridge platform system overcomes passenger train interface issues on existing platforms by allowing adjustment in platform height and over sail, minimising the stepping distance between the platform and train.

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Product and Service Innovation – Product

Train Bits & More – Slimline power socket

TBM has delivered an innovative slimline power socket with a USB slot to allow transport operators to install passenger power points in almost any carriage space.

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Product and Service Innovation – Service

Plowman Craven – Vogel R3D

Vogel R3D is a high-accuracy rail surveying solution that uses drones to remotely capture 3D data of the rail environment without the need to access tracks.

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Rail Research and Innovation Implementation

FirstGroup – Track circuit tool

FirstGroup led and supported development of a track circuit actuator risk advisor tool to minimise service disruption due to TCA failures and adopted the output, reducing train delays and cancellations.

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Signalling and Telecommunications

Linbrooke Services Ltd – Bromsgrove Corridor

Linbrooke delivered the Bromsgrove Corridor resignalling telecoms, improving efficiencies by providing a highly resilient, scalable telephone concentrator and a compatible large bandwidth, high-speed IP/MPLS/Ethernet network, designed to facilitate the digital railway and ERTMS.

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Subcontractor of the year

Hammond ECS Ltd – East Croydon station

Hammond ECS Ltd’s approach to innovation, safety and sustainability enabled the main contractor BAM Nuttall to successfully complete two platforms as part of the East Croydon station regeneration programme.

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Traction & Rolling Stock

Turbo Power Systems – Innovative power supply

The replacement of motor alternator equipment with an innovative power supply will provide potential savings of over £1m to the operator, 15% in efficiency improvement and over 4kW energy saved per journey.

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Training & Development

Virgin Trains East Coast – Project AURA

VTEC has delivered a game-changing transformation of training and development technology in the rail industry. This innovative project has introduced new technology that is groundbreaking for UK and world rail.

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Workforce  Safety

Taziker – Big data

Taziker Industrial’s normalisation of big data and data visualisation can enable visibility of incident trends in order to improve workforce safety.

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