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HS2 compensation decision delayed

The decision on property compensation for people living near the route for HS2 has been delayed, transport secretary Justine Greening has announced. The extra time will allow ministers to consider a fair and affordable deal, she said.

A public consultation on the issue will be launched in September when the preferred routes for the second phase to Manchester and Leedswill be announced.

People whose properties have to be knocked down to make way for HS2 will receive compensation equivalent to the full market value of their homes, but those in close proximity to the line have raised concerns that years of building work will impact on house prices and their ability to sell.

Greening has said she will write to all of those most likely to be directly affected, to explain the change of timing in regards to compensation.

She said: “The impacts on property are some of the most direct and personal effects of HS2. This is why we have committed to going above and beyond the statutory requirements for property compensation.

“Developing the right property compensation package is complex as it needs to be fair to those living and working along the HS2 London toWest Midlandsroute while recognising our broader responsibility to the taxpayer.

“I understand this delay will not be welcomed by individuals and businesses who had hoped to see an earlier resolution to the uncertainty surrounding HS2 property and compensation policies.

“However, this will enable the Government to put forward a comprehensive, practical and affordable package of property and compensation measures.”

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PETER   16/07/2012 at 13:22

I am so glad that Justine Greening understands the situation she is leaving thousands of people in. Don't worry, little people, it will be fair and affordable, a contradiction methinks. If it were truly fair it would be deemed unaffordable. The true cost of this scheme should include the penalty paid in disruption and devaluation by people and businesses all along the line, Justine won't do that, it's bad enough already!

Bcooper   20/07/2012 at 07:01

Justine Greening makes me laugh...not. She talks about the governments responsibility to the tax payer with regards to compensation... Let me tell you that they have bought two houses in my village paying upwards of £700,000. One has no mains water which they didn't know about when they bought it. It was let out and when the people living their told HS2 there was no water at the property they were given the keys to the other property bought by HS2 and told to have a shower there!! It gets better folks.. The people left the water on and no one checked the property and when they did the pipes had frozen and the house was flooded more of your hard earned money tax payers then had to go on putting the damage right. They now cannot let the house with no water so HS2 pay for a security man to live in a caravan at the property 24 7 to make sure squatters don't move in All coming out of the taxpayers purse which dear Justine Greening tells us she is so worried about. Give me strength!!

David Turner   29/07/2012 at 14:45

My wife and I are both over 70 and wish to sell our house and downsize to a more manageable property in which to enjoy the rest of our lives. Unfortunately the proposed HS2 line passes within 100yards of our house and it is therefore unsaleable at anything like the value prior to the announcement of this route in 2010. We are appalled that Ms Greening has again delayed a decision on compensation and also doubt if the new scheme will be fair.The curent exceptional hardship scheme is of no use to us as we are both in good health at present. We fear that this has the making of another Government shambles.

Charlie Fred   23/11/2012 at 15:23

We have heard all this before when a motorway was driven through east London. In the event large areas were boarded off and patrolled by police without identification carrying guns whilst excluding press and family. The old and infirm were thrown into the gutter and persons who had not received a fair settlement and in several cases received non at all who refused to move were threated at gun point by the police. This is a true statement of events so remember who you are dealing with. They will not keep their word any more than Cameron did when he promised a vote on continuing membership to the eu.

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