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Khan urges national fare freeze as TfL tickets to stay the same in 2018

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has today confirmed that fares set by TfL will once again be frozen in 2018 and questioned the government’s failure to follow suit in this policy.

The policy means that every passenger buying tram tickets or making pay-as-you-go journeys on the Tube, DLR, Emirates Airline and rail services – where TfL fares apply – will pay the same price as in 2016.

It also includes all TfL travel concessions, ensuring that children, over-60s, veterans, apprentices and those on Job Seeker’s Allowance continue to be given free or discounted travel.

The news comes as figures from the ORR show that London Overground actually saw passenger numbers rise last year despite reductions on many other operator’s services.

Khan also used the opportunity to urge the government to follow suit and begin a national freeze on rail prices.

“Freezing travel costs is making a real difference for Londoners as the cost of living continues to rise sharply,” commented Khan.

“The government must now follow my lead and freeze national rail fares – especially for London suburban rail services. If I can do it, why can’t they?”

Last month, the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) used its ‘alternative budget’ announcement to also push for a national ticket price freeze on rail services.

Following today’s reveal, Lianna Etkind, one of the organisation’s public transport campaigners, said the CBT welcomed the mayor’s announcement and, much like Khan, would also support the incorporation of London’s suburban rail services into TfL’s umbrella as a way of reducing more prices across the system.

“The government would do well to follow the mayor's lead and announce a national fares freeze in the forthcoming Budget to protect Londoners who use train services outside TfL’s network from the planned 3.6% rise come January,” Etkind added.

In addition to overall price freezes, Khan also confirmed the launch of an unlimited ‘Hopper’ fare for trams and buses, which would allow passengers to travel across a number of services in a one-hour period for a set price. It is expected to come into force next year.

TfL says the freeze is being fully funded through its efficiencies programme, which was outlined in its business plan last December.

Top image: John Stillwell, PA Wire

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SWB   17/11/2017 at 18:20

Is there anyone in Britain that is better at self-aggrandisement than Khan? “The government must now follow my lead and freeze national rail fares... If I can do it, why can’t they?" Nobody else had a hand in it, just me. Also dictating what the national government MUST do. Even Boris wasn't this grand.

Mark Hare   20/11/2017 at 11:42

Who the hell does Khan think he is? Taking it upon himself to form government policy now, apparently. And he thinks that it would be possible to freeze fares within the London area only, but allow increases elsewhere - not sure how that would work given many TOCs operate both suburban and longer distance services into and out of London termini. No doubt he will also be advocating a national programme of ticket office closures next.

Rayjk   20/11/2017 at 16:15

Clearly Khan has no understanding of how public transport works. And having screwed up the TfL improvement plans he now want to screw up everyone else's plans as well. This is one downside of having all-powerful mayors. It only takes one megalomaniac, who refuses to take advice, to sabotage good plans for years to come.

Lutz   20/11/2017 at 22:30

So, what is the impact on operations, maintenance, renewals, and enhancements? Clearly growth in revenue from the additional numbers (if they can be believed) will not be sufficient, so what's been sacrificed that we have not be told of yet?

James Palma   22/11/2017 at 20:14

Yeah, go Kahn, go Kahn! Great idea, fares should be frozen across the country, and those over 60s earning in excess of national average salaries should continue to get free transport, while everyone else pays for them. That way within 15 years London Underground and Network Rail will have massive funding gaps, extensions and upgrades that need to be done now, will still not be done because they cost too much. Oh yes, anyone else see about London Underground cancelling improvements to the railway because of budget cuts? That’s what comes from fares freezes. Short term benefit for some long term problems for all. But hey good old Kahn won’t care, he will be part of the labour shadow government, blaming the conservative mayor and government for not funding rail transport in the uk. So, yeah, please go Kahn.

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