2015 shortlist

Apprenticeship Development Scheme


Atkins’ rail apprenticeship schemes have been developed to solve the transport challenges of the future, by finding young people with an interest in engineering and offering alternative routes to enter the profession.


The Rail Infrastructure Engineering – Track apprenticeship has continually grown since its genesis in 2011. It takes candidates from diverse backgrounds and the apprentices are recognised as ambassadors in the company’s links with schools.

McGinley Support Services

McGinley Support Services and Coleg y Cymoedd of Nantgarw are helping the young people of South Wales to access and secure sustained work in the rail industry. Nine track apprentices started in September 2014 with a further 12 in December.

NG Bailey

Over the past two years, NG Bailey has extended its apprenticeship programme to include new categories. In the last year alone, the company has taken on a further 28 apprentices, many of whom will gain vital work experience in its rail sector.

Virgin Trains

The Virgin Trains RedTrack programme is an undergraduate scheme, run in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), where 11 young people work full-time for Virgin Trains – and complete a BA (Hons) in Business Management and part of the IRO Certificate during their three-year fixed-term contract.

Collaborative Working

Network Rail and Furrer+Frey – Great Western Route Modernisation

Network Rail collaborated with Furrer+Frey to develop a new OLE system, Series 1, for higher speeds to deploy on the Great Western. It has now passed rigorous testing and Great Western is working towards the first major commissioning in September 2015 between Reading and Didcot.


As part of the £6.5bn Thameslink Programme, Network Rail established the London Bridge Partnership, made up of Balfour Beatty, Costain, Skanska and Siemens, to deliver the major redevelopment works at the capital’s oldest station. In late 2013, the partnership was awarded BS11000.


Unipart Rail worked closely with FirstGroup to develop processes and workflows required to have consistent, embedded and successful collaborative working arrangements between customer and supplier. This innovative approach resulted in a Joint Strategic Relationship Statement being developed.

Thales and London Underground

As part of the re-signalling of the Northern line, Thales and London Underground focused on a ‘One Team’ approach, which allowed the project team to complete the work six months ahead of schedule.

Network Rail

Network Rail and Maidstone Borough Council worked together to deliver improvements to the railway and neighbouring area in Maidstone by combining four projects to deliver a cohesive set of improvements in the area. The project, even if not high profile, highlighted how mutual aims can be delivered through proactive engagement.

Cost Base Reduction

Balfour Beatty

The installation of Balfour Beatty’s XiTRACK solution at Toadmoor Tunnel near Derby has proven the potential of the product to provide an alternative solution to providing a shallow depth, high fixity track form – avoiding costly bridge/tunnel reconstructions.

Concrete Canvas Ltd

In June 2014, Concrete Canvas was used to line a drainage ditch at the top of a railway embankment in Sherston, as part of the Great Western Electrification programme. The product significantly reduced line possession costs, often removing the need for possessions altogether.

Gatecare Ltd

The POGO (Power Operated Gate Opening) system was designed by Gatecare Ltd with the key objective to improve safety on User Worked Crossings. So far, Network Rail has purchased 375 systems for installation at crossings across the network.

London Underground

Lean Problem Solving within London Underground’s Sub-Surface Upgrade Programme (SUP) has led to a cultural change and significant improvement in the way the project and individuals approach their day-to-day work.

Spencer Rail

On Wessex Package 7, Spencer Rail used its innovative GRP solution to increase the length of platforms at 50 station sites along the Wessex route. The technology saved Network Rail £2.1m.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Alstom Transport Ltd

Two years ago Alstom made a conscious decision to prioritise diversity and engagement with young people, as part of it corporate social responsibility offering. The contribution and efforts by the CSR team have led to a real positive impact across the business.

GNGE Alliance

The Great Northern Great Eastern (GNGE) Alliance of Network Rail, Babcock, Carillion and Siemens, was formed to bring an under-used rail route back into the mainstream. The Alliance embraced local communities in celebrating the achievements of the project to create a sense of ownership of the railway over the construction period and in the long term.

Spencer Rail

During the design and construction of the Ipswich Chord, Spencer Rail invested significantly in stakeholder engagement. The project received no complaints, but did get countless messages of support.

Taylor Woodrow

Through Taylor Woodrow’s ‘Stand Out! Make a Difference’ community and employee engagement initiative, individuals and teams undertake regular charity challenges. They also provide hands-on, long-term support in the areas where the company operates.

Virgin Trains

In July 2013, Virgin Trains invited small businesses from the Crewe area to promote their businesses and sell their products through ‘pop-up’ shops at the station. This proved so successful the project was expanded along the West Coast Route.



ABB’s new SMOS (Structure Mounted Outdoor Switchgear) Light is an innovative trackside electrification switchgear product that eliminates around 30% of the time required for construction, testing and commissioning of trackside switchgear.

Balfour Beatty Rail

XiTRACK is a unique product developed by Balfour Beatty Rail to deal with hard-to-solve track quality problems. The successful design, installation and monitoring of the product at Toadmoor Tunnel near Derby has proven  its potential as an alternative solution to providing a shallow depth, high fixity track form – avoiding costly bridge/tunnel reconstructions.


Network Rail and Furrer+Frey collaborated to develop a new OLE system, Series 1, for higher speeds, with universal interoperability, to be deployed on the Great Western. It has now passed rigorous testing and Great Western is working towards the first major commissioning in September 2015 between Reading and Didcot.

Van Elle

The team has developed a  new precast modular OLE foundation, Smartbase, which not only removes the requirement for wet concrete to be delivered to the works location, but also eliminates the need for curing time prior to stanchions being mounted.

Environmental & Sustainability

First ScotRail

First ScotRail has adopted a company-wide environmental strategy that embraces ambitious energy reduction and waste management strategies, which have led to it saving money and carbon through renewable energy, power conservation, recycling and education campaigns.

GNGE Alliance

The GNGE Alliance rolled-out 14 environmental and sustainable targets and objectives as part of the 84-mile ‘Joint Line’ upgrade between Peterborough, Lincoln and Doncaster. The regularly reviewed objectives allowed the team to introduce a range of innovative and unique environmental initiatives.


Interfleet’s Energyx solution is a revolutionary cloud-based system that receives energy data from meters fitted to electric trains, allowing companies to manage and analyse energy usage through a wealth of analysis and reporting options.

Northern Rail

Northern Rail embedded its sustainability principles into the business planning process. This is reducing the company’s environmental impact and continually improving corporate social responsibility whilst ensuring maintained financial viability.

Skanksa Construction UK

Skanksa’s Deep Green strategy, which it says can be applied to any major project, aims to promote a lean approach to design and construction, aiming to maximise the useful life of assets and taking a whole life view to increase value.

Graduate Development Scheme

Colas Rail Ltd

Colas Rail has invested, both financially and through leadership time, in its ‘Future Leaders’ programme. The scheme takes graduates from engineering and non-engineering disciplines and fast-tracks them into high-level management roles in just two years.


CrossCountry has developed and delivered a new and complete two-day residential training course for all practitioners in the field of train planning. Trainers have already delivered £120,000 worth of free training for the timetable planning community.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Graham Ellis – Asset.McGinley

Under the direction of Graham Ellis, NSARE recently rated McGinley’s training business, Asset.McGinley, as ‘Outstanding’ in all areas. This is as a direct result of Graham’s commitment to the industry and his endeavours to make the rail sector a safer place.

Malcolm Prentice – Garrandale Ltd

Malcolm Prentice purchased a controlling interest in Garrandale Ltd in 2010 with a view to developing a vision for refocusing and restructuring the company. This restructuring began by defining a clear vision and objectives and ensuring that the whole workforce bought into this.

Malcolm Dobell – London Underground

Over 45 years with London Underground, Malcolm Dobell rose from the position of engineering trainee to head of train systems. During his time in this position he had lead responsibility for rolling stock, signalling, track and power assets and their associated standards.

Kenny Chalmers – Spencer Rail

With more than 35 years’ experience within the rail industry, the late Kenny Chalmers was renowned for his technical knowledge. Throughout his career, which included numerous successful track renewals, his experience in interfacing with commercial managers produced effective cost control and efficiencies in programme management, including pioneering methods.

Light Rail

Ampetronic Ltd

Ampetronic, in partnership with Alstom and Efacec, has provided Hearing Loop solutions on 22 new trams and 85 new and existing platforms as part of the Nottingham Express Transit (N.E.T.) network expansion and rejuvenation project.  This enables people with hearing loss to travel with confidence on the system.

Transport for Greater Manchester

In November 2014, the new 14.5km Metrolink line to Manchester Airport came into passenger service. Marking the completion of the biggest locally-funded transport project in the UK (£398m), it was delivered more than 12 months ahead of schedule with around £10m of cost savings.

Marketing & Communications


Arup has delivered an integrated campaign using internal and external communications to raise awareness of the firm’s vision and likely outcomes for rail in the year 2050, sparking widespread discussion and debate.

First ScotRail

As part of the company’s ‘official supporter’ partnership with the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, First ScotRail championed its staff and passengers, presenting the human face of the company.

GNGE Alliance

During the course of the GNGE project, the Alliance members set up an integrated communications plan to explain the works and their impact. The outstanding achievement was a transformation in the relationships with communities on the route.

Northern Rail

In July 2014, Northern Rail was the major rail operator for one of the biggest sporting events in the world: the Tour de France. Through the successful creation of ‘Le Buzz’ and the ‘working together’ attitude adopted by Northern’s employees, it delivered 50% more capacity for passengers across the course of the weekend, with more than 150 management volunteers taking part to help passengers at stations.

Southern Railway Ltd

For summer 2014, Southern successfully re-positioned the way it marketed Advance tickets. Responding to customer feedback and qualitative insight into past Advance messaging, new creative was developed for a refreshed marketing campaign that led to a 10% increase in the sale of Southern Advance fares.

Mobile Technology

First Great Western

A new touchscreen interface panel, created with the assistance of Navaho Solutions, has been rolled out to all the engineering depots and departments within First Great Western. This has led to better colleague engagement and a reduction in the risk of errors with regards to the VMI and also the yard interface screen.


Rail Companion is a powerful new industry information portal, developed by Interfleet, delivering a suite of information apps directly to the working environment of rail staff.

Network Rail – Wessex

Network Rail managers on the Wessex Route identified problems with the collection and management of site information at maintenance sites. After adopting Pole Star technology, workers have been able to carry out faster and more reliable examinations, achieving time savings of 60% compared to the conventional reporting method of pen, paper and a digital camera.

Network Rail – ORBIS

Network Rail’s £330m Offering Rail Better Information Services (ORBIS) programme is developing a more mobile-enabled workforce that can make quicker, more efficient and safer decisions. To date, more than 13,000 iDevices have been rolled out to frontline staff.

Operator of the Year

GB Railfreight

In 2013-14, GB Railfreight’s turnover exceeded £100m for the first time. Using innovative and bespoke solutions, technological advancements and capital investments, the rail freight operator was able to improve performance levels and optimise outcomes for its customers.


CrossCountry has driven a 35% growth in revenue from ticket sales, from £320m in 2008-09 to £432m in 2013-14. Additionally, it was the first TOC to produce an operator-specific mobile app, which was recognised with a UK Rail Industry Award for Mobile Technology in February 2014.

Merseyrail Electrics 2002 Ltd

Routinely ranking in the top two or three of all UK rail services for punctuality, Merseyrail is now delivering cleaner trains and stations, has cut ticketless travel from 15% to 1.5%, and all stations and car parks enjoy 100% secure status.

Northern Rail

In early 2014, Northern Rail launched a new governance structure driving accountability for service delivery, placing its customers at the heart of all it does. Since then, it has embarked on an ambitious change programme, to engage all its employees in the vision and ensure they understand their role in delivering Northern’s plans.

Outstanding Projects – Small (under £3m)


In April 2014, the £2.7m ‘Lift and Link’ scheme to provide step-free access at Birkenhead North was completed. Delivered by Merseyrail Electrics and principal contractor Morgan Sindall, the station’s role as a public transport interchange hub for the town has been significantly strengthened.

Network Rail

By working collaboratively, Network Rail and Maidstone Borough Council have been able to deliver a suite of improvements to the railway and neighbouring area in Maidstone by combining four projects to deliver a comprehensive and cohesive set of improvements in the area.

Story Contracting Limited

Working with Network Rail, Story Contracting developed an innovative solution for the construction of a new overbridge to replace the high-risk level crossing at Pleasington Golf Club in Lancashire. The new structure keeps pedestrians safe and away from trains.

Tata Steel Projects

In order to carry out a complex platform replacement operation at Castle Bar Park Station, Tata Steel Projects’ 3-Bay platform was used, which minimises the need for possession time and helped avoid major disruption to the operation of the station.

Twinfix Limited

At the request of Network Rail, Twinfix developed an In-Line Access Hatch for their Multi-Link-Panel NF (non-fragile). The hatch sits within an individual panel, is unobtrusive in use, and is easy to remove from below without any need for complicated tools.

Outstanding Projects – Medium (£3m to £20m)

Balfour Beatty Rail

During a 23-day block closure on the Metropolitan Line in July 2014, the strategic alliance between London Underground and Balfour Beatty Rail delivered a huge amount of infrastructure replacement – just under a third of the total volume completed in the whole of 2013. The alliance generated cost savings in the region of £3m.

Bourne Steel

The Reading Station project required Bourne Steel to manufacture and deliver 1,400 linear metres of new gull wing platform canopies to serve 15 station platforms, in a ‘live’ station environment. The company used an off-site building approach, delivering to a demanding site schedule, on time every time.

Gatecare Ltd

Gatecare’s solar-powered POGO (Power Operated Gate Opening) system has been designed to improve safety on User Worked Crossings. So far, Network Rail has purchased 375 systems for installation on crossings across the network.

Spencer Rail

Spencer Rail carried out the vast majority of construction work on the £15m multi-disciplinary remodelling project at Gravesend station within a 15-day blockade. This included remodelling the track layout, extending existing platforms, constructing a new island platform and installing a new AFA-compliant footbridge.

Outstanding Projects – Large (over £20m)

Cubic Transportation Systems

To bring the benefits of contactless payments to transport in London, TfL worked with Cubic to integrate a fare media reader to its middle and back office infrastructure. From mid-September 2014, contactless was introduced on the Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London, as well as on buses.

GNGE Alliance

Completed in December 2014, GNGE was one of Britain’s most complex multi-disciplinary rail projects of recent years. The delivery model – an Alliance of Network Rail, Babcock, Carillion and Siemens – was fundamental to achieving in two years what was originally considered a four-year programme.

London Overground

Silwood Sidings, built on wasteland and a former car park, came into operation less than 18 months after TfL Board approval. Developed as part of the London Overground Capacity Improvement Programme, it marked a huge milestone in facilitating the introduction of five-carriage trains on the East London Line.

Spencer Rail

As the main contractor on the Ipswich Chord project, a new 1.4km double track railway, Spencer Rail delivered the project on schedule in March 2014. Project works included four bridges, 350m of retaining wall, major earthworks, permanent way, telecoms, OLE, E&P, and signalling works.

Thales and London Underground

The re-signalling of the Northern Line, to increase capacity and train frequency, was completed six months ahead of schedule. As part of the project, Thales’s SelTrac Transmission Board Train Control was installed to replace the old signalling, without impacting the existing service.

Passenger Safety

British Transport Police

The Emergency Intervention Unit allows a joint police and Network Rail response to serious operational incidents that pose a threat to life or serious disruption to the railway. A 10-month review revealed that the unit’s vehicle was deployed 619 times, and has been vital in saving lives, reducing disruption and recovering lost rail minutes.

Gatecare Ltd

Overseen by Network Rail, Gatecare Ltd designed the POGO (Power Operated Gate Opening) system to improve safety on User Worked Crossings. So far, Network Rail has purchased 375 systems for installation to 375 crossings across the network.

London Underground

The London Underground Track Retrieval Device (TRD) has been developed to assist in the safe and efficient retrieval of customer property which has been dropped on the track.

Product Innovation

Balfour Beatty Rail

Balfour Beatty Rail and a team of experts worked with Network Rail to develop XiSPAN, an innovative, cost-effective strengthening solution. This product has the potential to transform masonry arch bridge strengthening in the rail sector.

Concrete Canvas Ltd

In an era when the environmental impact of projects is under greater scrutiny, Concrete Canvas helps contractors address their environmental responsibilities whilst keeping project costs down, improving safety and reducing line possession.


CrossCountry’s Advance Purchase on the Day (APOD) is an industry-leading initiative that is revolutionising the way customers buy tickets and reserve seats on trains in the UK

Fhoss Technology Ltd

Fhoss Technology has developed unique and innovative safety wear. The company has integrated a powered electroluminescent lamp into the garment, while meeting all the necessary certifications required to produce high-visibility workwear.

Rail Asset Management & Security

Moxa Europe GmbH

Real-time network status is now available to Network Rail’s Grinding Train Fleet maintenance and fleet management teams, after adopting a new network automation solution. Since the adoption of Moxa’s and IT4Automation’s Solution, there has been an increase in the performance of all of the on-board systems and no reported network downtime.

Network Rail

Network Rail and Maidstone Borough Council worked together to deliver improvements to the railway and neighbouring area in Maidstone by combining four projects to deliver a cohesive set of improvements in the area. The project, even if not high profile, highlighted how mutual aims can be delivered through proactive engagement.

Pole Star

Pole Star is a cloud-based centralised asset management system with incorporated remote monitoring, site data capture, project management and an API. The system is broken down into a number of components, which can be used either in isolation or as a suite for asset management.


By analysing Network Rail’s crime data, SmartWater has been able to identify potential risk areas, hotspots and crime trends. This led to the company devising a holistic asset management and security strategy, which has offered significant reductions in delay minutes and improved performance.

Recruitment Excellence


Deploy UK Rail is a newly formed business focusing on recruiting in and around London, with the aim of supporting and investing in resources from the local area into infrastructure projects. From a standing start with no clients and no candidates, the company has achieved ‘preferred supplier’ status on Thameslink.


McGinley Support Services is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing a workforce that reflects, at all grades, the diverse communities it serves. The company has a long-term staff retention strategy, which has cut staff turnover over the past three years.

Research & Development

Gatecare Ltd

Gatecare’s solar-powered POGO (Power Operated Gate Opening) system has been designed to improve safety on User Worked Crossings. Network Rail has bought 375 systems to install at crossings across the network, giving farmers and landowners a safer solution whilst crossing their land.

CH2M Hill

CH2M Hill and Igloo Vision have introduced 360° immersive visualisations on infrastructure projects, and used this technology to add value to design/construction challenges and meet government targets.

Signalling & Telecommunications

Alan Dick Communications

Alan Dick Communications designed a new leaky feeder infrastructure to support the installation of GSM-R on the Merseyrail Sub-Surface Railway upgrade. Completed on time and on budget, the project replaced Network Rail’s existing wireless communication system within the tunnel structure beneath Liverpool.

GNGE Alliance

The UK’s second and most complex introduction of Siemens’ modular signalling technology and electronic MCB-OD (Manually-Controlled Barrier with Object Detection) level crossings were delivered during the GNGE project. The outcome has been the complete modernisation of the route’s signalling system, with centralisation of control at Lincoln.

MECX Technical Services

As part of Network Rail’s £400m infrastructure improvements project, which involves the electrification of rail lines across the north west, MECX Technical Services’ signalling team removed or diverted all signalling equipment at Manchester Victoria Station so that the track could be lowered to facilitate the installation of overhead lines. The entire scheme had to be delivered during a nine-day shut-down in winter 2013.

Network Rail

During the Cumbernauld Electrification scheme, the team introduced innovative and cost-effective IP solutions for all telecoms aspects of the re-control, with added value benefits for the line and future similar projects.

Thales and London Underground

A ‘One Team’ approach between Thales and London Underground was essential to ensuring the re-signalling of the Northern Line was completed on time. The project, using the SelTrac Transmission Based Train Control system, was actually delivered six months ahead of schedule.

Traction & Rolling Stock

London Underground

A collaborative R&D project led by London Underground is looking at the development of a commercially viable lightweight train door using state-of-the-art composite materials and manufacturing processes.

Siemens, London Midland and Angel Trains

Less than 30 months after London Midland announced Siemens as the preferred bidder for the manufacture and maintenance of new rolling stock, the company delivered the new Class 350/3s Desiros.

Training & Development

CrossCountry – Training & Development

CrossCountry has an ongoing commitment to training and developing its people, and makes a considerable investment each year into people development. ‘Grow’ is a bespoke 12-month employee development programme, for non-management employees who want to progress into front-line management roles and front-line managers who wish to progress further in management. CrossCountry’s ‘LeaD’ programme was set up to identify managers who have the potential to succeed to senior management roles in the short to medium term.

CrossCountry – Residential Training Course

The company developed a new two-day residential training course for all practitioners in the field of train planning. So far, trainers have delivered £120,000 worth of free training, through 13 sessions of the programme.

Linbrooke Services Ltd

Linbrooke Services has developed ‘Action On’ to provide all its operatives with in-depth first aid training, including scenario-based training, to reflect the real-life situations that operatives may encounter.

Skanska Construction UK

Skanska and cut-off saw manufacturer STIHL have developed a training programme to improve the knowledge of users of this type of equipment to help prevent further injuries occurring throughout the rail industry.

Southern Railway Limited

Through its ‘Working with Pride’ training initiative, Southern has incorporated transactional analysis techniques to develop its staff and improve customer satisfaction.

Workforce Safety

Arriva Trains Wales

In 2013, Arriva Trains Wales identified an unwelcome increase in staff and passenger accidents across its network. A new Safety Culture Improvement Programme has already contributed to a significant reduction in workforce accidents and lost days.

Linbrooke Services Ltd

Every Linbrooke trackside supervisor must undergo ‘Operational Leadership’ training ensuring that they understand the impact of their management style on safety culture, themselves and colleagues.

Network Rail IP – Signalling

As part of the Cardiff Area Signal Renewals (CASR) project, Network Rail set up a new type of induction for all staff, regardless of their position, which resulted in a step change in behavioural safety and active reporting

Network Rail IP – Western and Wales

Within Network Rail Infrastructure Projects – Western and Wales region, the STAR Safety & Environmental Award scheme has changed safety performance on site by challenging behaviours and rewarding success; driving a cultural change leaving teams feeling proud and empowered to improve safety performance.

Northern Rail

Northern Rail introduced its five-year employee safety behaviour project in 2011 to cut the number of staff accidents. The operator has also provided frontline staff with ‘Stay Safe’ training, giving them the skills to deal with potentially threatening situations. Since its introduction, assaults on staff are down by 40% in 12 months.

Spencer Rail

As a principal contractor for Network Rail, Spencer Rail helped establish the RSSB ‘Close Call’ online reporting system. This allows contractors to centrally record close call incidents to allow analysis and promote improved safety practices in the industry.

Young Rail Professional

Gala Gonzalez – CH2M Hill

In the short time Gala has been in the industry, she has made a substantial impact on the quality and sign-off at each stage of the Crossrail construction programme. Additionally, she has been influential in the successful establishment of the programme-wide roll-out of the Innovation Programme – a scheme to save time, money, health, safety, quality and sustainability.

Samantha Dunn – Northern Rail

Since joining Northern, Samantha has played a key role in business development support, which has contributed to the capacity and demand modelling influencing the franchise. She has also brought a fresh view, enthusiasm and excellent support and people skills to the table, helping Northern to transform its understanding of customers.

Niamh Leonard – CH2M Hill

In only her first year as a rail graduate engineer, Niamh promotes the industry through her active involvement with the Young Rail Professionals (YRP). She has also received recognition awards for leading CH2M Hill’s rail co-ordination activity to secure BS11000 Collaborative Working accreditation through the London Overground Capacity Improvement Programme project.





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