2016 Winners

Apprenticeship Development Scheme

UKRIA 2016 winners-01

London Underground – Track Programme

The Track Apprenticeship Programme Scheme was developed to address a future skills shortage at LU to deliver track and drainage renewals projects. Three years on, it has now recruited its fourth cohort.


Collaborative Working

UKRIA 2016 winners-02

Staffordshire Alliance – Pure alliance

The Staffordshire Alliance is the first pure alliance in the UK rail industry and its unique collaborative contract shares risk between all parties and has delivered many benefits.


Corporate Social Responsibility - JOINT WINNERS

UKRIA 2016 winners-03

Linbrooke Services Ltd – Multi-sector approach

The company has developed three programmes to cover its military resettlement, school partnership and fundraising efforts for its selected charities, bolstering Linbrooke’s reputation for CSR.

UKRIA 2016 winners-04

Northern Rail – Essential feedback

By integrating rail services into local communities, Northern has gained essential feedback from customers, allowing the company to make investments and improvements that really benefit them.


Cost Base Reduction

UKRIA 2016 winners-05

Taylor Woodrow – Renewable energy

A hybrid renewable energy system at the Crossrail Train Maintenance and Stabling Depot at Old Oak Common Lane is expected to significantly reduce CO2 production and operational costs.


Design Innovation

UKRIA 2016 winners-06

dorsaVi Europe – ViSafe

Launched in the UK in March 2015, ViSafe provides employers with new in-depth data, collected via wearable sensor technology, to make decisions based on evidence to improve worker safety.


Digital Pioneer

915 UKRIA 2016 winners-07

Heathrow Express – Smart Screens

Heathrow Express installed the world’s first smart screens at Heathrow Airport, which help passengers make a decision on how to make their onward journey.



UKRIA 2016 winners-08

London Underground – Regenerative braking

Since implementing a substation inverter, London Underground has been able to use electricity recovered from regenerative braking on DC traction.


Environmental & Sustainability

UKRIA 2016 winners-09

Taylor Woodrow – Hybrid energy

An integrated hybrid renewable energy system has been designed for the new Crossrail Train


Infrastructure Planning

UKRIA 2016 winners-10

Autodesk – InfraWorks 360

The InfraWorks 360 technology allows users to combine and connect data to better create, view, analyse, share, and manage information to make decisions in a full contextual model.


Marketing & Communications

UKRIA 2016 winners-11

Network Rail – Borders Railway

The sustained and integrated communications campaign for the Borders Railway construction and reopening had a quantifiable impact on awareness, interest and ridership.


Mobile Technology

UKRIA 2016 winners-12

Arriva Trains Wales – Mobile Multi-Flex app

The first UK rail carnet ticket retailed through an app, to reward the loyalty of those regular train users who are unable to benefit from the savings provided by a seven-day or longer season ticket.


Operator of the Year

UKRIA 2016 winners-13

Metrolink RATP Dev

Metrolink RATP Dev has been able to deliver the day job alongside a major transformation in the form of rapid expansion and projects such as St Peter’s Square, providing untold benefits to the client, Transport for Greater Manchester – but more importantly, the Metrolink customer.


Outstanding Project – Large (Over £20m)

UKRIA 2016 winners-14

Mace – Birmingham New Street station and Grand Central

The construction of a new bigger, brighter, better 24,000m2 concourse has increased the station capacity to 52 million passengers a year, and the response from passengers has been overwhelmingly positive.


Outstanding Project – Medium (£3m to £20m)

UKRIA 2016 winners-15

Taziker Industrial Ltd – Royal Albert Bridge over the River Tamar

The bridge’s steelwork has been strengthened to the degree that the bridge will stand for another 50 years, and the paintwork will last for 25 years, negating the need for the regular and intrusive repairs. There were no reportable or non-reportable accidents during the project’s four-year duration.


Outstanding Project – Small (Under £3m)

UKRIA 2016 winners-16

London Underground – Cooling the Tube

The project was delivered on time for the start of summer, with the system successfully commissioned in June 2015 and operated in beneficial use on 3 July 2015. To provide the 4°C temperature reduction necessary, an innovative water chiller system needed to be deployed, which had never before been used on the LU rail network.


Passenger Safety

UKRIA 2016 winners-17

Northern Rail – LNE level crossings

In one year, the partners closed or significantly reduced the risk at five high-risk crossings: Thorne South, Poppleton, South Milford, Crowle and Cattal station. The risk of a train striking a person has been reduced to zero at some locations and ALARP at others.


Product Innovation

UKRIA 2016 winners-18

Selectamark Security Systems – Reducing metal theft

SelectaDNA provided Network Rail with an extremely cost effective solution to marking and protecting valuable infrastructure, without compromising on quality.


Service Innovation

UKRIA 2016 winners-19

Virgin Trains – Automatic Delay Repay

Virgin Trains delivered an end-to-end unique solution from concept through to implementation in eight months. Analysis suggests that the compensation costs will be offset against increased passenger growth and repeat journeys and also the benefits of channel shift from customers booking on virgintrains.com.


Recruitment Excellence

UKRIA 2016 winners-20

Linbrooke Services

Ntrs have been instrumental in effectively integrating 100% of all military trainees who complete their courses back into a more comfortable civilian life with the abilities to provide for themselves and their loved ones.


Signalling & Telecommunications

UKRIA 2016 winners-21

Network Rail - Whole life product management

This programme develops product strategies for the entire lifecycle of critical infrastructure assets, helping enhance interoperability, reduce maintenance burden and meet ORR improvement targets.


Subcontractor of the Year – Micro

UKRIA 2016 winners-22

Senceive Ltd – Wireless Sensor Networks

Low power monitoring systems enable rail staff to understand how an asset is affected by major construction or maintenance works to fix issues in congested environments without needing external cables.


Subcontractor of the Year – Small

UKRIA 2016 winners-23


Over the past year, the heavy lifting specialist delivered innovative products to four sites integral to the IEP as part of its multimillion-pound contracts to supply rail depot equipment.


Subcontractor of the Year – Medium

UKRIA 2016 winners-24


The company created an innovative on-demand booking and billing platform that handles around 30,000 high-volume corporate, logistic and disruption travel solutions for major rail and freight operators.


Track Technology

UKRIA 2016 winners-25

Sperry Rail – Eddy currents

Complementing its four ultrasonic test units with eddy currents technology revolutionised the way Network Rail plans, approaches and manages rolling contact fatigue to guarantee rail integrity and passenger safety.


Traction & Rolling Stock

UKRIA 2016 winners-26

Turbo Power Systems

A static converter solution achieves more on-board electrical power from the highly variable, poor-quality single phase input derived from the overhead supply to optimise performance and enhance passenger comfort.


Training & Development

UKRIA 2016 winners-27

Arriva Trains – Passenger Accidents

When regulation compliance was not enough to keep passenger injuries at bay, Arriva drew up an improvement strategy to address safety culture and its effect on behavioural safety by empowering staff.


Workforce Safety

UKRIA 2016 winners-28

Amey – Target Zero

To renew the plateaued momentum of its ambitious ‘zero workplace harm’ strategy, Amey motivated employees to sign health and safety pledges that knocked accident rates down to their lowest level.


Young Rail Professional

UKRIA 2016 winners-29

Mohanakrishnan Sarvepalli – Atkins India

Since joining Atkins as a trainee engineer at age 19 in 2005, Mohanakrishnan Sarvepalli’s journey has been an inspiration to all the company’s young engineers. As technical lead for Cardiff Area Resignalling Renewals and on other projects, his performance has been described as “phenomenal”.





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