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Ahead of TransCityRail Midlands, We caught up with strategic partner PTS Training academy to find out more about how they are plugging the skills gap building a well-equipped workforce across the industry. 

Where do you think the main areas for investment are across the Midlands?

Industries are constantly evolving and growing. There are many areas to invest in, but none more accessible than the growing nexus of rail across the Midlands. As the industry of rail grows, so too will training opportunities within the industry such as apprenticeships and traineeships. 

With HS2 in progress, we will need more people than ever to be equipped with the skills and expertise to carry through this project. It is therefore vital that companies invest in their training programmes and connect with training providers such as PTS Training Academy to ensure they are able to meet this call to rail. 

Why is rail investment important to the Midlands?

Investment in rail is important anywhere for creating better transport connections across the nation, but in the Midlands investment is vital in order to further business opportunities and contribute to the growth of the region. Having more efficient transport links could even lower unemployment rates by providing greater and easier access to jobs. 

Why did you choose TransCityRail as a platform to promote your company?

TransCityRail as a platform provides a great ‘coming together’ of people, from across the rail industry and supply chain. This enables us to communicate and create connections and partnerships with the right people who may require our training services. 

We can provide different types of training courses within rail, whether it be a Rail Engineering apprenticeship or a short but comprehensive Personal Track Safety course. TransCityRail will give us the opportunity to showcase the many ways in which we can help individuals gain the skills and training needed to be successful within the rapidly expanding Midlands rail sector, and how we can work with employers to address any skills gaps or shortages. 

What does the future of the rail industry across the Midlands look like to you?

In the future, the rail industry across the Midlands will develop and grow dramatically, becoming a key transport link to the rest of the nation, and a hub of activity and opportunity. There will be a complete revolution of rail services within the region, leading to an enhanced and strengthened rail supply chain. 

That’s what the future of the rail industry looks like to us, and we hope to contribute as much as possible by providing the training and guidance needed to fulfil this goal. 

What are you looking to get from connecting with the supply chain at TransCityRail?

PTS Training Academy is looking forward to connecting with the rail supply chain at TransCityRail and building partnerships and a community within the rail industry. We strive to provide bespoke training solutions that meet the unique needs of every individual, regardless of what stage they are in their career and what area of the rail supply chain they work in. 

Ultimately, we’d like to play our part in encouraging the growth of rail in the Midlands by supporting the learning and development of those working within the sector. 

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