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Meeting clients, suppliers and stepping forward

The Midlands 30-year plan will deliver many economic benefits and will need a wide and diverse supply chain to deliver some of the key projects. We caught up with long running sponsors of TransCityRail, Bridgeway Consulting Limited, specialists in Site & Ground investigations, Geomatics and Infrastructure, to discuss why networking events like TCR are crucial to the industry.

Bridgeway Consulting Ltd has sponsored TransCityRail for many years; why are events like this important?

We’ve always thought it’s a great way of meeting potential clients and suppliers whilst getting a crucial update from key stakeholders on what’s happening in the industry. We’re a Nottingham based business, so it’s natural for us to take part in TCR Midlands; and in some ways, it’s a more prevalent area of business for us.

How has TransCityRail benefited Bridgeway Consulting Ltd?

The event provides an opportunity to understand where we are looking to move forward to and how we can improve - whilst gaining insight into upcoming projects and finding out what steps we need to take as a business to become a key supplier on those projects.

“As a business we’re thrilled that TransCityRail have brought the event to the Midlands; we are looking forward to talking with some of the most vital stakeholders within the Rail industry. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discuss future investment in the network and where we think our services can bring value.”  - Tom Foster, Bridgeway Consulting Limited

 If, like Bridgeway Consulting Ltd, you would like the opportunity to showcase your products and services to the budget holders building the future of the UK Rail industry, fill in the form below.


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