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Network Rail's Julia Territt on working with the supply chain

Ahead of TransCityRail Midlands this July, Julia Territt, Network Rail’s Regional Delivery Director for Route Services Supply Chain Operations joins us to discuss ‘putting the passenger first’ and working with the supply chain.

What does your role as Regional Delivery Director for Route Services Supply Chain Operations at Network Rail entail?

My team are responsible for the planning, commercial and delivery of engineering haulage, track treatment and seasonal delivery on the LNW route. So what does this mean? We plan the engineering trains containing new rail, ballast and sleepers to worksites supporting the route’s requirements for maintenance, renewal or enhancement. We manage the day-to-day activities from our local distribution centres on LNW (Crewe and Bescot). In terms of seasonal delivery, we plan and deploy the RHTT and MPV fleet to support LNW routes requirements for autumn (leaves on the line), weed spray and anti-ice.

How does your role fit in with Network Rail’s Strategic Business Plan and what does this mean in relation to the supply chain?

I work within the Supply Chain Operations function, which is part of Route Services. Route Services had four functions:  

  • Contracts and procurement
  • IT
  • Business services
  • Supply chain operations


My team’s relationship is twofold with the supply chain:

1) Using the national contracts to support engineering haulage, track treatment, materials supply etc.

2) Supporting the route (soon to be region) with its delivery – putting the passenger first

Why do you think it’s important for leaders from across the region to come together at TCR Midlands?

To share an understanding of strategy and where we call all support the end goal of the passenger experience and value for money.

Why have you got involved with TCR Midlands?

In order to give the passenger the best experience in travel we all have to work together and to understand each other’s challenges and strategies – for me being able to attend such events allows me to gain more understanding.

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