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Rail minister ‘entirely supports the aspiration’ of £2bn Midlands Rail Hub

Rail Minister Andrew Jones has given his support to plans submitted by Midlands Connect for a transformative Midlands Rail Hub in the region.

The proposed project aims to upgrade routes between the East and West Midlands to make travel easier for commuters and businesses alike.

Speaking on a visit to Leicester, the minister said: “I was delighted to receive the proposals for the Midlands Rail Hub. I support the aspiration to see far better connections right across the Midlands, east and west.

“The enthusiasm to deliver locally is really strong and we want to build on that momentum. I know it’s ambitious, and we will work together to develop the business case and work with Midlands Connect to deliver it.”

The Midlands Rail Hub will be a significant development in the region’s rail network for many years and promises to enable better infrastructure on the routes.

The proposals boast of 24 extra passenger trains an hour on the network, reduced journey times and growth for the regional economy.

The Department for Transport has already funded £5m for the proposal of the project, and Midlands Connect are requesting an extra £25m to take the project to the next stage.


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