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Major HS2 construction contracts signed

HS2 has taken another step forward this week as contracts to deliver the tunnels, bridges and earthworks for phase 1 were officially signed.

The signing of the contracts took place at the company’s head office in Birmingham, as executives were joined by representatives from SCS JV, Align JV, CEK JV and Balfour Beatty.

It follows the contracts, worth £6bn, being announced last month, alongside major decisions on station design contracts and the route phase 2 will take.

“HS2 is more than just a railway,” said the company’s CEO Mark Thurston. “The contracts we sign today will provide much needed extra capacity and connectivity between our major cities, but it will also unlock huge opportunities for new jobs, homes and economic development and start to rebalance our economy.

“We are determined to deliver the project to new levels of safety and efficiency, with respect for communities, protection for the environment and value for money at the core of everything we do.

“The contracts we signed today will support 16,000 jobs and generate thousands of contract opportunities within the wider supply chain, spreading the benefits of this investment across the whole country.”

And Peter Jones, executive director and SCS JV board member, said: “The awards are further testimony to the SCS collaborative approach and our strong track record in applying technology-based innovative solutions in the delivery of large-scale projects.”

Mark Cutler, Balfour Beatty VINCI HS2 managing director, added that the iconic rail infrastructure project will create significant opportunities for the UK construction industry and enable long-term benefits in skills, jobs and regional prosperity. 

“We look forward to building on our successful track record of major infrastructure projects, and playing our part in the delivery of HS2,” said Cutler.

Jérôme Furgé, Align project director commented, that JV was delighted to be part of the challenge to deliver a world-class asset to the UK. And Sean Jefferey, executive director and chairman of CEK JV Board, stated: “Our involvement in this project will enable us to create many new jobs and training opportunities as well as working with a diverse range of supply chain businesses from across the UK.”

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Chrism   02/08/2017 at 21:17

Well, well. So all the phase 1 civil works for phase 1 will cost in total £6.6 billion. All those tunnels and bridges, all those earthworks. And the section from Euston station throat to Old Oak is costing £740 million. Just a few weeks ago we heard Lord Berkeley and Michael Byng saying that it would cost £8 billion for that short 8.8km section. This shows that claim to have been utter rubbish! Even if fitting out the original railway costs an amazing half a billion, it will still only be £1.25 billion - plus the cost of the rebuilt Euston station.

Tim Price   03/08/2017 at 19:07

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the country major electrification projects are cancelled and we told "bi-modes will be fine".

Susheel Juneja   03/08/2017 at 19:33

a fantasy project to scam taxpayers of the UK. There are many if not 100's projects where cost benefit analysis far outweighs the scam that HS2.

Sue   03/08/2017 at 22:16

Only people going to benefit are the greasy palm brigade who have been given these lucrative contracts. Population ignored again as this is not needed or wanted, money better spent on the NHS which would benefit the whole of the nation not just the contractors and the few that could actually afford a ticket

Simon Eames1990   03/08/2017 at 22:50

HS2 will NOT boost the UK economy. HS2 will only benefit the wealthy. Numerous upgrades would've boosted the UK economy and created far more jobs than this ONE single colossal white elephant just to save journey by 20 mins! When HS2 is built I will not have a ride as the fares will be so expensive.

Melvyn   03/08/2017 at 23:25

We have now reached the reality of HS2 as contracts are signed for delivering HS2 the values of these contracts which show the actual costs of HS2 and not projections or fantasy figures quoted by opponents who seem to include projects not part of HS2 to arrive at their figures ! The costs of say tunnels for HS2 will be higher than the recently built Crossrail tunnels but HS2 will have bigger tunnels built to take larger gauge trains if these are used in the future. I visited Euston recently and slowly but surely site clearance is underway opposite the western end of the station with trial bore holes for soil samples being made.

Mark Hare   08/08/2017 at 12:25

People still saying that HS2 isn't necessary? really? @Simon Eames - Numerous upgrades would've boosted the UK economy? I guess it's escaped your notice that the WCML has been upgraded at a cost of £9bn and is already running at or near capacity? HS2 is NOT about 'reducing journey times by 20 minutes', clearly you have totally missed the point. We need HS2 and the sooner it is completed the better, to provide much-needed increased capacity on the north-south corridor and relieve pressure on the ECML and WCML.

John   27/08/2017 at 10:58

When HS2 was lazily designed, copying GreenGuage 21's strange proposal, they never bothered to inquire if Liverpool's rail demands would increase. They never knew about the proposed new Superport. Liverpool is the only deep water port on that coast. The new Liverpool in-river Superport container ships of 20,000 containers. The average size ocean going container ship is approx 5,000. One of these is the equiv of 5 average containers ships. The new berth can take two ships. It takes some shifting of 20,000 containers, never mind 40,000. Only rail can do that. The rail provision is woefully inadequate. The terminal currently can only deal with smaller ships because the transport infrastructure is not up to it. Few large ships will berth until the rail is uprated. Trade with North America is increasing and moreso with Brexit. Then there is also the NW Passage. The Chinese are building strong hulled ships to sail in convoy through the passage. Liverpool will be the natural port for these ships. On the announcement of HS2, the Port of Liverpool immediately complained that they need a dedicated HS2 line to Liverpool to alleviate the existing rail for freight and more provision must be made in existing lines. TfN have agreed with this and want a new high-speed HS3/NPR line to Liverpool. The port is within one hour of 60% of the UKs population. It is essential for industry that the city and port are served well with rail. The City of Liverpool contracted ResRepublica, a think tank, to present and lobby its case, offering £2 billion to connect the city to HS2. The rail provision to the port benefits the whole of the north of England and beyond giving cheaper and quicker transport of goods. All the councillors and MPs in the 'Liverpool City Region' should organise and be banging on desks in Whitehall. Even towns and cities should protest well away from the city, as they gain. ResRepublica said Liverpool should have been the first city on the list for HS2. Yet the city 30 miles down the road is having built for it free, a tunnel under Crewe station, a station that will be little used at Manchester airport, long lengths of curving HS2 track and a disproportionately expensive 7.5 mile 'branch' tunnel serving a 'terminal' station facing the wrong way. It is not as if Manchester is a Munich or Barcelona, it is not, it is far from a city of that status, equal to Liverpool and Leeds. None of HS2 makes sense. None of it. It does not serve all of the major cities that may need extra capacity.

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