RTM plant 250 trees for VolkerRail

The Rail Technology Magazine (RTM) has planted 250 trees in VolkerRail’s name, following employee engagement with its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) virtual event.

The event, which took place on June 16, brought together industry professionals to share their knowledge on various themes.

Topics included how to introduce a diverse workforce; how driving cultural change within organisations can help develop and retain new skills; the investment in creating a rail network accessible for all, and how to ensure business meets ED&I standards in procurement, to win new business.

VolkerRail’s major project director, Stuart Birch, was a guest speaker, alongside others who were encouraged to engage with the attendees, in order to earn points for participating. The top 3 with the highest points were able to choose from 1 of 3 prizes, which included tree planting, a donation to a charity or an Amazon gift card.

Tina Cator, corporate communications business partner, and Graham Shaw, business development manager, also partook and earned enough points to come second and third, with both choosing to plant trees in VolkerRail’s name.

Commenting, Tina said: “The ED&I event was very engaging, and the leaders’ debates provided great insight into what VolkerRail and the wider industry can do to help promote the sector to those looking to decide on a career path. The event also offered some great advice to help businesses engage with their existing workforce, to promote positive engagement and inclusion.”

“Being able to earn points, whilst engaging throughout the event, really incentivised interaction during the day, and knowing that trees would be planted as a result made taking part doubly worthwhile.”

Tree planting helps to reduce CO2 emissions, by absorbing the excess carbon dioxide that is driving global warming. Each of the 250 trees planted in VolkerRail’s name offsets an estimated 0.3 tonnes of carbon, consequently helping the planet for generations to come.  

Director of Publishing and Events for RTM, Roy Rowlands, said “We’ve always worked hard to ensure the social and environmental impacts of our business are considered.”

“As a media owner, we have one of the biggest opportunities to drive positive change and influence across our vast audiences spanning multiple sectors, a responsibility we don’t take lightly, and we’re really pleased to be working with significant businesses like Volker who share the same sentiment.”

The trees will be planted in Haiti, by THG (more: trees), a UK based company and global leader in ecommerce, that helps brands and consumers make a positive impact on the environment.

The trees will provide local farmers with new skills and wages to feed and house their families, helping reduce extreme poverty, and will also help reverse the effects of deforestation for animals, wildlife and the planet.



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