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Education has recently undergone a seismic transformation. Most students are learning from home which is a shift that has impacted millions of families across the UK.  This new normal for education comes with various challenges. Access, motivation and support are only a handful of the hurdles that both students and parents are facing daily.

Teaching STEM

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) impact every aspect of our day to day lives, which is why STEM education is so crucial to encourage critical thinking and stimulate innovation.

Free STEM tools

With around 6,000 professionals in the UK alone, many with young families, CGI UK, a global IT and business consulting services company, has developed a STEM from Home programme.  This initiative leverages various technologies to teach children about STEM topics in a fun and informative format. STEM from Home includes a selection of tasks for students between the ages of 6 – 14, covering topics including engineering, space, environment, coding, robotics, communication and wellbeing.

Hosted on the CGI website, the free-access platform incentivises users to share their activities through images and videos on social media. What started as an internal initiative quickly went public, allowing families across the UK to take part. When the next generation enters the workforce, technology is going to play a crucial part in their role. From accounting to front line factory workers, technology is and will continue to influence our productivity, economy and businesses. As such, preparing children for this new world is more imperative than ever. By inspiring them now, we’re sowing the seed for a generation who will live in a world more digitally driven than ever before.

Long-term positive impact

Society benefits immensely from STEM, as it helps to bridge ethnic, gender and socioeconomic gaps. With concerns around the long-term impact of the pandemic on education, it’s businesses and individuals who use their tools and expertise to support our communities that are making a difference.


As part of our commitment to the industries and regions in which we operate, the CGI team hopes that you and your families enjoy taking part in the STEM at Home programme.

Furthermore, CGI are keen to support our clients to develop the future of transportation.  As well as rail specific IPR, CGI offer cross sector capabilities and would welcome the opportunity to discuss these topics further:

  • Innovative solution design and development
  • Systems integration
  • Consultancy services
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud & Hybrid Hosting

To find out more please contact James Comley or visit our website.

RTM Oct/Nov 20

RTM Oct/Nov 20

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Sopra Steria announces the launch of its online Competency Training Marketplace

A new digital platform Competency Training MarketplaceTM (CTM) has been launched this week specifically for the rail and construction industries. It connects businesses with the right training providers to keep their teams fully operational, compliant and safe.


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This series of events supports and informs the whole of the rail industry and connects the supply chain with buyers, specifiers, leaders and decision-makers looking to procure a wide variety of innovative products and services

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