Black Bridge railway bridge flooded

Network Rail to improve flood delays by £3.6m bridge lift

Engineers from Network Rail are set to raise Black Bridge, a notable railway bridge near Machynlleth in Wales, by one metre to lift it out of the area’s flood zone.

During heavy rainfall, the bridge has repeatedly been affected by flooding, causing regular closures on the Machynlleth to Shrewsbury route.

Closures on this line can leave large sections of the Cambrian lines in central Wales isolated from the rest of the UK rail network.

By lifting the bridge from the flood zone, it will help significantly reduce disruption to passenger services and protect the bridge from high water levels in the river.

The work lifting the bridge is estimated to cost around £3.6m.

The section of railway line will be closed from May 15, 2021 until June 28, 2021 so that the main work can be carried out safely lifting the bridge and reprofiling the track.

Kevin Giles, Senior Asset Engineer for Network Rail Wales and Borders, said: “The flooding at Black Bridge has been a problem for the past 25 to 30 years, but it is happening more frequently now.

“We want to get this route ready for the future and make it more reliable for our passengers.

“We will be lifting the structure and track on each side, so that we can keep the line out of the water during the flooded conditions.”

Alexia Course, Transport for Wales’ Director of Transport Operations, added: “We’re delighted to see Network Rail taking this vital step in improving the resilience of the Cambrian Line.

“This sits alongside our own investment in transforming services throughout the Wales and Borders network, including brand new trains and extra services for the Cambrian Line in the years to come.

“We’re working collaboratively to ensure minimal disruption for our passengers while work is ongoing.

“As our services will be affected, it’s important for anyone travelling on the Cambrian Line to check before you travel, in case of any changes to our timetables.”



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