HS2 reveals eight South Yorkshire parkway station proposal sites

HS2 Ltd has revealed a shortlist of eight sites for its potential parkway station to serve South Yorkshire.

The eight sites are situated across rural locations in Doncaster, Rotherham and Wakefield, leading to further criticism that HS2 could be a detriment rather than a benefit to certain parts of the region.

The proposed HS2 route through South Yorkshire falls under Phase 2b of the project, with the government now planning a separate spur to take passengers to Sheffield city centre rather than Meadowhall as was originally planned.

A HS2 spokesperson confirmed that HS2 has been commissioned to identify options for a parkway station in the region in order to “further spread the considerable benefits that HS2 brings”.

“At this early stage, we have identified eight locations for a potential parkway station,” the spokesperson confirmed. “There are numerous factors to take into account when determining the right location, such as access to the station by road, rail and public transport as well as environmental considerations.”  

“We are working closely with local authorities and Transport for the North to identify the right solution for the region and are confident of making good progress. Any proposal would be subject to public consultation.”

The eight potential sites are:

  • Bramley in Rotherham
  • Clayton in Doncaster
  • Fitzwilliam in Wakefield
  • Hemsworth in Wakefield
  • Hickleton in Doncaster
  • Hooton Roberts in Rotherham
  • Mexborough in Doncaster
  • Wales in Rotherham

HS2 is set to complete the study looking into the possibility of a parkway station in the region later this year.

Christine Jackson, chair of Hickleton Parish Council, cast doubt on the suitability of the proposals of a station in her village, telling the BBC that the proposals would effectively swap “greenbelt for a car park”.

“You would lose its sense of being a conservation area, so I can't see anything positive about it,” Jackson said.

Last November, the government confirmed its preferred route for phase 2 of HS2, selecting the Y-shaped route travelling from Crewe to Manchester and from the West Midlands to Leeds.

While the government confirmed its plans to build two new HS2 stations in the north west at Manchester airport and next to Manchester Piccadilly, the decision as to where Sheffield’s station will be has been further postponed. The government is currently consulting on several proposed changes to the original Phase 2b route, with the consultation due to close on 9 March 2017.

(Image c. Rui Vieira - PA Wire)

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Huguenot   26/01/2017 at 17:59

The S Yorks HS2 station has got to have interchange with the classic network, not just be near a motorway. That was one advantage of Meadowhall. Of the new shortlist, only Mexborough meets this requirement. Most of the others are either nowhere near an existing rail line or provide potential interchange to/from only a limited number of destinations (e.g. Wales is OK for Worksop but not Doncaster). Fitzwilliam and Hemsworth are too far north to serve S Yorks. What a mess.

Kate   27/01/2017 at 12:41

Is this HS2 trying to appease those who are doing a great job in opposing having the S Yorks station situated at Sheffield Midland. The option of having the station at Meadowhall, as was the original site, would serve all of the communities suggested for a Parkway station saving more distress for communities and probably an overall cost saving. Having the station in the centre of Sheffield is purely a vanity project for Sheffield City Council who should take note and listen to the views of the people of South Yorkshire.

Graham Nalty   27/01/2017 at 13:43

Hugenot makes a very sensible point when he says that HS2 must interchange with the classic network. But the real benefit will only occur when the interchange is made at a station with good connectivity to the rest of the region and that, by a large margin is Sheffield Midland. Having the interchange at Sheffield Midland is not a vanity project, but the very best choice for the South Yorkshire region, not only because it would contribute considerable more passengers to HS2, but also because, according to economics experts Volterra, a Sheffield city centre station could generate three time the number of jobs compared to Meadowhall, not only in Sheffield, but also in Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster. Other European cities have their high speed trains calling at their city centre station, so why not Sheffield? Certainly the two media polls I read last year showed 86% and 80% in favour of a city centre station for Sheffield.

Geoff   27/01/2017 at 14:51

Kate is right - the delays to ongoing services to Leeds diverted by a spur to Sheffield Midland would negate benefits of HS2 in comparison to ECML times. How many services a day could Sheffield justify as a terminus?

Emily O'dowd   27/01/2017 at 15:48

Great detailed stories on this page! I also found out about Chris Grayling's latest procurement of rolling stock. https://www.smartrailworld.com/britains-hs2-project-is-seeking-the-worlds-most-advanced-rolling-stock

Mike Jones   27/01/2017 at 19:13

HS2 is obsessing with parkway stations. Two provincial airports will have stations, and not only are Nottingham and Sheffield to be left off the network, but the arrangements in Birmingham will leave Coventry and Wolverhampton high and dry too. And tough luck Stoke, Macclesfield and Wakefield, even Crewe? Some of these decissions may be necessary, but the general impression is that the design team don't use the train or public transport much or live in a city.

Graham Nalty   27/01/2017 at 19:17

Well said Mike Jones. What a succinct comment of the poor state of affairs. Offering 8 parkway stations at places no one wants to go, whilst not using Sheffield Midland at the major South Yorkshire interchange is simply adding insult to injury.

Stu B   09/02/2017 at 17:58

IMO to maximise useship and connectivity hs2 need to tunnel into midland station. If they can't due to cost or flooding risks they need to use Meadowhall as the hs2 stop that would have faster and more frequent service into Sheffield than the joke Midland branch line on the table and act as a great regional hub. I'm embarrassed as a Sheffielder by Sheffield city council pushing for the worse option and in the process shafting the rest of South Yorkshire, and even Huddersfield and Wakefield!! Everyone should direct their thoughts to Leigh Bramall and Sheffield city council. I can only apologise - Stuart, Hackenthorpe

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