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Unions to consider polished LU pay offer for Night Tube

Rail union leaders are being urged to consult their members over the Night Tube after London Underground (LU) boosted its pay offer and changed staffing conditions yesterday (24 November).

The company guaranteed that the previous three-year pay offer will be extended to four years in order to provide further job certainty for Tube staff.

It also promised to take in more staff to lessen workload pressures, but removed its previous offer of £200 bonuses per shift to drivers.

Steve Griffiths, LU’s chief operating officer, said: “We have listened to union feedback and have made absolute guarantees, which mean no existing driver will have to work the Night Tube unless they choose to do so. Instead, we will hire part-time train drivers specifically to turn the service.

“We have also been working hard to secure a long-term pay deal in order to provide certainty for our staff and for London, so we are now adding a fourth year to the deal. This does not come at any additional cost to the taxpayer as it will be covered by our business plan. The first three years of the deal remain unchanged.

“I urge the union leaders to put this offer to their members so that London can get the modern night time service it wants and needs.”

The updated offer stands as follows:

  • A fourth year pay deal:
    • Year 1 would remain at an average of 2%
    • Years 2 and 3 would remain at RPI or 1%, whichever is greater;
    • Year 4 would be RPI plus 0.25%
  • As before, LU will offer a £500 bonus for all staff on Night Tube lines
  • It will no longer pay the £200 bonus per Night Tube shift to drivers
  • The additional fourth year and the hiring of part-time drivers is covered by LU’s business plan
  • Source: Transport for London

Manual Cortes, TSSA union’s leader, made no comment on the offer itself yet, but blasted LU’s management for releasing the revised offer to the media before giving unions enough time to read its contents or consult with their representatives.

 “This is no way to conduct industrial relations, build trust or display integrity towards our members,” he said.

“Of course we will be consulting with our union representatives on the deal now on the table. But I would repeat my call for Boris Johnson to meet with me face-to-face and discuss the future of the Tube in person. We will not conduct negotiations by media.”

RMT’s boss, Mick Cash, echoed Cortes’ claims by saying that “attempts to put pressure on the process” by negotiating via the media is “decidedly unhelpful at this time”.

Unions had decided to re-enter talks with LU management just two weeks ago in a fresh attempt to end the ongoing Night Tube dispute.

Decisions over the controversial all-night service in the capital had been stalled last month after talks between the two parties broke down once again – threatening to push the service back to 2016.

(Top image c. Tim Ireland/PA Images)


Martin T   25/11/2015 at 18:18

Wow. I would live such a generous deal. Four years of pay increases way beyond inflation (or should that be deflation) for not doing anything else at all. Plus a £500 annual bonus for doing exactly the same job just at different hours on a very occasional basis. I can't remember the last time I've spoken to anyone (outside the union-dominated public sector) that lucky. And what is wrong with keeping the farepayers and taxpayers in the picture? It is they who will be paying for all of this. It is they who are the customers for this service, after all. They should know what it is going to cost.

Kevin R   26/11/2015 at 09:12

Completely agree with Martin T. Unions - the blockers of productivity improvements, competition and modernization of all industries they are unfortunately involved with. Take the offer, bank the cash & prepare your blinkered, short-sighted rhetoric for the future - of driverless.....

Keith   27/11/2015 at 13:27

How frustrating, yet again we see the working classes making negative comments about the actions of their fellows who belong to a trade union and through their efforts and the efforts of the trade union improve the pay and conditions of the working classes. Make no doubt about it apart from the truly elite 5% we are all working class and there is not one of us whose pay and conditions has not been improved over the years due to "knock on" effect and efforts of unions and union members. This is not a political comment purely historical fact. Indeed it was not the so called excesses of the Trade Unions that brought the global economy to it's knees but the banking industry, who we then bailed out. Please don't be jealous of the pay and conditions of your fellow workers ultimately they fight for us all.

Joel   27/11/2015 at 13:29

Why 'negotiate' if before the other party can respond, the first party publishes? Nothing to do with 'keeping people in the picture': this is a lack of integrity and backbone. I have unreconstructed views on decency and deceit - the former is good, the latter isn't. Publicity should only be when all negotiating parties can respond equally, and audiences can intelligently make up their own minds. This is not however 21C management style, of any description.

Sundaram   01/12/2015 at 13:53

I think Keith misses the point. He should stop seeing it as a 'employers and employees'. We are all customers (even the top 5%). The London Underground service is for all of us, yet the unions seem to care only for themselves. Without services we have nothing. The sooner the night tube comes the better. The tube staff are paid very generously indeed - tube drivers get paid more than 90% of their passengers if you consider the entire service (not just to the City) - and most of us would love to be on their pay rates plus working hours and free travel (including for family members).

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