Panel debate at TCR North

TCR North showcases diversity in the rail industry

Throughout the TransCityRail (TCR) North event last week a myriad of rail industry leaders appeared in leaders debates and delivered speeches on various topics.

During all the debates a clear emphasis had been placed on diversity when it came to the day’s speakers.

The four debates that took place during the day of the TCR North event featured a total of 16 speakers on the numerous debate panels.

An even split of eight male and eight female speakers appeared during these debates.

This served to show how TCR North highlighted the growing emphasis the rail industry is placing on diversifying its workforce.

The rail industry is looking to diversify its workforce across the board.

TCR North follows on from HS2's launch of the new Marketplace platform which is aimed at diversifying the workforce of HS2's supply chain.

Construction company Skanska appeared at TCR North and spoke on the ways they are diversifying their workforce to the company’s benefit.

Alice Jennison, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Skanska said: “Skanska has had a diversity and inclusion strategy since 2015.

“We’ve made big strides so far not only in increasing the diversity of our workforce but also in the inclusion of how it feels to work in construction.

“Our disability programme is something we’re really proud of.

“It brings in graduates who have got a disability into a work placement with us over the summer once they’ve graduated with a permanent position available at the end.”

Overall TCR North served as an opportunity to showcase the ever-increasing diversification of the rail industry’s workforce.

With just three months to go rail industry leaders and stakeholders will be looking forward to debating key industry topics again at TCR Midlands on 10th February.

It is hoped that further discussion around diversity and inclusion can take place at TCR Midlands.



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