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Southeastern’s Class 375s get mid-life refresh

One-third of the entire Southeastern train fleet is to receive a major midlife refresh at Bombardier in Derby.

Work has started on 112 of the company’s Class 375 trains, which run on Southeastern’s routes between coastal Kent and East Sussex and central London stations.

It will include a complete re-spray outside and a repaint internally. New carpets and lino will be laid, replacement windows put in place where needed, and all seats will be removed from carriages and given a deep dry-clean and new seat bases.

Interior of a refurbished Class 375 train

The trains will also receive new exterior livery of deep blue and light blue doors, replacing the usual white cab and yellow doors.

The first of the trains to receive the refresh returns to service this week. It will take three and a half years to complete all 112 trains.

Each Class 375 – made up either three or four carriages – takes around three weeks to refit at the Derby plant. The refresh work, which starts as the trains are 15 years old and halfway through their 30-year life expectancy, takes about 3,500 hours per train using a team of 35 skilled fitters and technicians.

In total, it will take 20,500 litres of paint to complete the job of painting all 112 trains (9,600 litres internally and 10,900 litres externally).

In addition, 6,400 sq metres of lino will be put in and more than 26,000 seats on all of the trains will be taken out of their carriages for refurbishment. Toilets will also be refurbished, new table tops put in place and grab poles and table legs will be re-powdercoated.

Worker refurbishing and putting screen prints on Class 375 train toilet

David Statham, managing director at Southeastern, said: “This is a major, but extremely worthwhile job that involves giving these trains a thorough refresh. Our feedback from passengers shows they want their trains to be cleaner and more pleasant and we are carrying out this work, as well as other cleaning work on all our trains, as we are committed to improving our service for our passengers.

“It is great that we are able to work with our partners to carry out this refresh to our trains, which account for almost one third of our rolling stock. I am sure our customers will notice the difference as more and more of these newly refitted trains are rolled out over the coming months.”

The refit work on the Class 375s follows a deep spring clean of all of the rail operators trains last month and £4.8m of cosmetic work to clean 166 stations on the network.

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Nonsuchmike   26/05/2015 at 18:17

The superficial paint job is not really necessary, but the toilet improvements and a whole set of new and better seats is long overdue. As they are doing the latter, I suppose they might as well do the livery and replace the carpets instead of just hoovering/dysoning them. Are they going to make them longer? Are they going to improve capacity? Are they going to update the technical side of the electromechanical bits? And why is it going to take them so long @ the so called "specialist" plant in Derby just to do 112 carriages? I think a little better planning and effecting over a shorter time span could save a few bobs - like a million quid or ten.

Simonr   26/05/2015 at 21:20

The colour change is in my view very welcome. I realize it's very much a matter of personal taste, but I've never understood why in recent years so many TOCs choose white as the dominant colour - apart from looking to me like a pretty boring colour, the fact that so many TOCs end up with trains based on the same colour really destroys the variety, which is an (admittedly very minor) attraction of the trains. Obviously the interior refresh is much more important in terms of passenger experience though - that is also to be welcomed.

Andrew Gwilt   27/05/2015 at 00:29

Southeastern are to refurbish the Class 375's, Class 376's, Class 465's and Class 466's with the new Javelin Blue Livery that the Class 395's are wearing. It looks so nice. Better than the recent Southeastern's liveries.

Clive   03/10/2016 at 11:51

Total lack of imagination why not southern green !!!!!!

Andy   23/11/2017 at 12:21

Nice to see the end of the old 'Connex" livery at last!! If there is a plan to change the livery on the Metro trains, maybe Southeastern could reverse the colours giving light blue trains with dark blue doors, just to denote the difference between mainline and metro.

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