Brighter Journeys campaign

Rail embraces Brighter Journeys

As we enter the middle portion of Mental Health Awareness week, floral exhibitions have been embraced by numerous rail stations across the UK. As part of Network Rail’s Brighter Journeys campaign, the rail industry has been integrating natural exhibitions to greet passengers as UK citizens embrace the return to public transport post Covid.

The campaign has been travelling across the UK’s stations, with Leeds adopting their own installation between Friday 13th and Sunday 15th May. new data shows that nearly three quarters of adults in Yorkshire (72%) say their mental health has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, with over a fifth (23%) describing their mental health as poor. It is the hope that these sensory installations will be majorly beneficial to people on their commutes as it will lift spirits and create a warm, welcoming environment.

Nick Cooper, Leeds Station Manager for Network Rail, said:

 “It’s amazing to see so many passengers choose to travel by train again after the pandemic and we want to welcome them back in a bright and cheerful way.

“This vibrant exhibition will bring nature to the city centre, and I hope it’ll make people smile as they pass through our station. It’s also a reminder that the Hub of Hope app is a great resource which offers a range of support services for anyone who is struggling.”

This campaign operates as a great example of how the rail industry can maintain strong relationships with their local communities as it helps to create a sense of care for the customers. At a time when the country has rallied together during a global pandemic, the communal links between UK citizens should continue to be championed and a campaign like this can do wonders for encouraging a positive sentiment for individuals as they travel.

Jake Mills, founder of Chasing the Stigma and Hub of Hope app, added:

 “It is great to be working with Network Rail and the wider rail industry on the Brighter Journeys campaign. Nature is really important for mental health, so we hope commuters enjoy seeing these floral installations and they put a smile on people’s faces.

“We also hope that this acts as a reminder that no one is ever alone, and mental health support is available at any time, you don’t have to be in crisis to get help. If anyone is struggling or knows someone who needs help, please download the Hub of Hope app.”

Whilst this coming weekend marks the adoption of the campaign in Leeds, the sensory installation will be touring the UK and is available to visit on the following days:

Leeds, 13-15 May

Edinburgh Waverley, 17-19 May

Stevenage, 12-13 May

East Croydon, 15-16 May

Cardiff, 18-19 May



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