Closing the gap between services, infrastructure and consumers

Source: RTM Feb/Mar 17

Selina Sargent writing on behalf of Nutshell Apps explains how the company’s technology is driving innovation by putting the power of change in the hands of those who need it.

Speed, reliability and convenience. These company values resonate through your workforce and your customers. In an industry that is experiencing momentous growth in the use of smart devices, it is imperative for the rail industry to continue its adoption of mobile technology, to carry out essential infrastructure improvements that will not only improve the health, safety, accuracy, efficiency and productivity of those working on the tracks, but the comfort and experience of customers. 

The rail industry has become an increasingly technologically-focused environment. It’s not surprising to see that focus span as far as employees, and how they can be part of new and innovative tech advancements. By involving those who would ordinarily be excluded from software development and encouraging innovation and experimentation, you are opening resources and valuable insight beyond that of the IT department. 

The advent of citizen development has given rise to a new generation of software development.  Nutshell allows the rail industry to solve long-neglected problems by relinquishing the control of app development and redistributing it to our client and their respective teams. This is made possible because Nutshell is the only zero-code mobile development platform available, which aims to empower entire workforces to automate and improve their existing workflows. Using the drag and drop builder and friendly user interface, Nutshell doesn’t just reinforce the ideologies behind citizen development, but encourages employees to take control and streamline the process of app development itself, as well as their existing business processes. 


The benefits of using Nutshell to create enterprise apps that cut costs, boost productivity and place frontline staff within the future of work – today – is immeasurable. We understand that technology is at the centre of innovation, and that the complexity of all things IT can be seen as a barrier. It is crucial that the future of such technology will continue to deliver greater benefits. 

The development, acceptance and implementation of new technologies geared toward digitisation is implemented with a realisation of efficiencies such as data quality, accountability and time saving for operational excellence. By providing the technology our clients need to create feature-rich apps that are quick to design and develop, as well as incredibly easy to test and launch, with low barriers to contribution and participation, we aren’t just offering software as a service, but redeveloping mobile into a management tool, adapting seamlessly to existing databases. In short, the results gained from using Nutshell reveals truly bespoke, polished and professional apps that are putting an increasingly large number of companies at the forefront of the digital workplace. 

We’ve built apps for rail that reduce the risks of manual entry errors, increase response time and lower maintenance costs across vast services. By driving innovation in this area, it allows for essential work to be carried out that wouldn’t be possible without utilising the software that Nutshell provide and progressing toward a digitally-enabled railway. Britain was at the head of railway growth and development; it had the first metro in the world, it presented the first automatic train operation, and it needs to be on track to leading the digital revolution. We aren’t shy in stating that Nutshell can bring breakthrough innovation that’s transformational to any industry, department or team. Nutshell’s technology is driving innovation by putting the power of change in the hands of those who need it. We are passionate about providing solutions that help close the gap between services, infrastructure and consumers.

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