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Railway Benefit Fund launches new ‘Help Pack’ for industry workers

The Railway Benefit Fund have launched a new help and guidance pack this month in aid of encouraging rail industry workers and their families, who might be experiencing difficulties, to seek its expert advice.

The charity has made the information available, titled ‘How We Can Help,’ free of charge for anyone in the rail industry, past and present, whose lives might be affected by issues ranging from debt management to bereavement.

The documents cover a three-point plan for HR departments and managers in the rail industry to spread the word about RBF and inspire workers and their dependants to seek its help in times of need.

The pack has four new informative sheets on some key services offered by the charity, which includes the Family Support Fund, Grants Programme, Debt Advice and Information & Advice.

You can find a breakdown of each service here.

The ‘How We Can Help’ pack is being supported by famous record producer and RBF president, Pete Waterman, who has long-standing links to the rail industry.

Mr. Waterman said: “This information pack is a proactive step in making more people in the rail industry aware of the RBF and the outstanding work it does to support those in need.

“The charity has existed for more than 160 years but there are still people within the fabric of the rail industry that either don’t know about the RBF or are unsure whether to contact the charity when faced with a particular problem or issue.

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“We can ease the burden for current and former railway employees and their families and the ‘How We Can Help’ pack is easy to understand and shows exactly what the RBF does in a very clear, visual way. Whether people request it or download it directly, or whether managers in the rail industry make them available to their own employees, it is a great resource and we hope it becomes widely distributed.”

Head of Fundraising and Engagement Fund at RBF, Faye Jaques, said: “We are always keen to work directly with employers to assist and develop their own staff wellbeing initiatives using the skills, knowledge and resources within the RBF.

“Companies can always refer their employees directly to us and all cases are managed in the strictest confidence. Or we can also work with them to create their own welfare programmes. Ultimately, the RBF exists to support all workers, past and present, in the entire rail industry during tough times– however they access our services."

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